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The ComeUp brand is rated as one of the highest quality winches in the world.  ComeUp has exclusively manufactured nothing but winches for over 37 years.   As a behind the scenes private label manufacturer for the U.S. market for many years, ComeUp has chosen to go direct with its own brand name to bring its value added high quality winches to the U.S. market at a lower price. Though the ComeUp brand is not yet known in the U.S. ComeUp is highly regarded, very popular and widely used in the rest of the world. ComeUp winches reputation for quality, durability and innovative engineering won it the selection for use by Artic Truck in Polar expeditions to both the South and the North Poles. The expedition to the North Pole was captured on film by the popular international television program “Top Gear”.

This honor has given ComeUp winches the distinction of being the only winch to take a driven vehicle to both the North and South Poles, traversing the most hostile and rugged terrains on the face of the Earth.

Some of what makes the ComeUp winch superior are engineering and design solutions for today’s actual applications. With the increasing use of synthetic rope on winches today the current designs of all the competition’s winches have the brake inside the drum spool.  With an internal brake the synthetic rope acts as an insulator and keeps the heat from the brake inside the drum causing brake fade, slipping and failure.  The ComeUp winch has what is called a “CBS” (cone brake system) which is outside the drum where it can dissipate the heat and stay firmly engaged.  The CBS system is also an adjustable true friction brake and provides the most brake surface area of any winch on the market. Many of the inexpensive units on the market do not even have a friction brake but use a coil spring in a bind up arrangement that is very prone to failure.

ComeUp USA offers a full range of winches from 1,500 lbs. utility, ATV and UTV, all the way up to 18,000 lbs. 12V/24V electric and hydraulic self-recovery and industrial winches, with everything in between.

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